List Sourcing &
Data Cleansing

Identifying the right audience for your message can be difficult, so can maintaining your current marketing lists. Luckily we can help you with both.

List sourcing

Pinpointing your target market is the first step in any successful marketing campaign. At Forza we work with a network of list brokers and research organisations, enabling us to compile not only highly targeted mailing lists but customer profiling and analysis data too. If you know exactly who your audience is but don’t know where to acquire the data, by simply providing us with a brief you’ll enable us to find and compile it for you.

Forza can provide you with access to the most up-to-date data, whether it’s a business or consumer list that you require. If on the other hand you’ve got a great service/product to sell but aren’t sure of exactly who your target market is, then we can help you to narrow things down and define a clear targeting strategy.

Data cleansing & database management

Data is one of your most valuable business assets. Robin Morgan’s famous quote “Information is power” puts it best – and we couldn’t agree more. But like anything of value it needs to be cared for and continuously polished in order to keep it in good working order.

It’s a fact, data changes at a rapid rate. Once you’ve communicated with a customer or prospect there’s a 20% chance that their information will change within 30 days. People move house, people pass away and company and individual details change. All of these changes will cause your data to be become weak and even damaging to your business – it simply must be addressed. Forza use sophisticated data cleansing tools to ensure your data is as clean and up to date as it can possibly be.

We offer the following services:

Data cleansing helps you to:

Eircode – is your business ready?

This summer saw the introduction of a new unique postcode system called Eircode. The system will see each individual residential and business address in Ireland acquire its own unique Eircode (comprising 7 characters in the format B44 G2E6). Now is the time to assess what is required to get your business ready for Eircodes. The impact of the new Eircode system on both B2B and B2C marketing will be significant, with greatest advantage being gaining by those who adapt earliest. In fact early adopters are well into this process now. A key decision for businesses is whether or not there is potential for competitive advantage by being an early adopter, or whether your business will be at a disadvantage where your competitors adopt Eircodes. To see how your business can leverage the benefits of Eircode, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to advise you on all its aspects.

What We Do

Collection & Use of Personal Information

By submitting your data, you are providing us with some level of personal information. This information is not stored on our website database. However, in order to respond to your enquiry, your data is emailed to our website’s email address where it is saved. Additionally, If you choose to subscribe to our mailing list, we may use your contact details to send you marketing material in the future. You may unsubscribe from these emails following our first reply. We do not pass your data on to any third parties. Read full Privacy Policy