5 Key Graphic Design Strategies to Improve Your Brand

When it comes to branding and design strategies, there are some key best practices you can follow to help set your business apart from the rest of the pack. Whether you’re starting a new brand from scratch or undergoing a rebranding, working with an experienced graphic design company like Forza! Direct Marketing is always a good idea.

Over the years, we’ve learned a few graphic design strategies that any business can use to elevate its brand, and we’ve gathered them for you here.

Develop a Strong Image for Your Brand

Image and design are closely linked in terms of graphic design, and one way your business can go above and beyond is by coming up with a forceful image for consumers to associate with your brand. Think of McDonald’s and the golden arch, known worldwide. In addition to being the first letter in the fast-food company’s name, it’s not only functional but leaves an impression on consumers.

Commit to Going Green

These days with climate concerns and more consumers and companies aligning themselves with sustainable products and practices, there’s a benefit to “going green.” If your brand has shifted to more sustainable business practices and is offering eco-friendly products, it’s important to spread the word. Graphic designers can employ more natural colours in your product design in addition to clearly communicating your commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Develop a Strong Tagline

One of the best graphic design techniques is coming up with a tagline that consumers can associate with your brand. It should be concise and informative, but also creative and unique enough to make your business stand out. You can use your tagline to explain how your business can solve customer pain points or to add some humour and fun to your brand depending on your corporate vision.

Make Graphic Design Campaigns Nostalgic

To make your marketing plan a success, it can often be helpful to play to consumers’ more emotional sides and make them nostalgic about a memory or experience from their past. By helping remind people of happier, simpler times, you can generate positive feelings and customers will be more likely to patronise your business.

Delivering High-Quality Content

In the online marketing and graphic design field content is king, which means that any campaign goal should revolve around producing content of the highest quality and uniqueness. The content you offer should not only be in-line with your branding vision but also be concise and purposeful. It should serve a clear role, whether it be to convert customers or drive more foot traffic to your business.

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