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5 Epic Branding Fails

Acronyms in branding can be tricky at the best of times but there’s just no excuse for these whoppers!


Recent Work – CLIC Portfolio Marketing

CLIC Property Marketing Portfolio, Forza

CLIC Portfolio for Downing Commercial

Forza! were recently tasked with developing a suite of marketing materials for our client, Downing Commercial to help them launch a 9 million euro property portfolio. The Cork Limerick Investment Collection (CLIC) project comprised brand design, sales brochure/portfolio, online brochure design and…

In need of inspiration? Watch this!

In case you haven’t seen this already, then do yourself a favour and watch this youtube video from Fáilte Ireland in conjunction with the Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Click here to view Ireland Inspires video

Irish consumer loyalty – what’s really working?

With more and more loyalty programmes launching every week, what do businesses and consumers really feel about them? What channels are most effective at driving loyalty? And how do consumers prefer to engage with them?

In a survey that is the only of its kind…