What We Need to Know Before Designing Your Website

At Forza! Direct Marketing, we specialize in creating unique, one-of-a-kind websites that truly attract the attention of your chosen audience. However, before beginning the web design process, we like to get a clear idea of the vision you have for your site. That’s why our Cork web design experts have collected some of the must-have information we’ll need to design the best site possible!

1. What Actions Do You Want Visitors to Take?

Whether you’re trying to capture the right audience, boost organic traffic to your site, or move potential customers through the sales funnel, we need to know. This is because it often impacts design elements and content creation. Our goal is to capture your audience’s attention and help you accomplish the goals you have for your website, so we need to know precisely what you want your visitors to do.

2. What is Your Website’s Goal?

Piggybacking off the point above, we’ll need to know your overall goals for website design and development. The most important thing we need to clearly understand is your site’s target audience. Do you have an ideal consumer in mind? If so, we can align our design and development processes accordingly. Creating a site tailored to specific demographics is one of the best ways to capitalize on leads.

3. What Sets Your Company Apart from Competitors?

Identifying and highlighting what sets your company apart from the competition gives you a clear selling point. Just like you have an elevator pitch when meeting clients face-to-face, your website should also communicate that message. Are your products/services designed to serve a specific industry niche or solve existing pain points? These are the things we can use to design and create a site that’s in line with your corporate vision.

4. What Are Your Plans for the Future?

Since your website will grow and expand as your company does, it’s important to communicate your plans for the future with us. Do you have long-term goals in mind? Perhaps you plan on expanding your business to different geo locations or widening your audience net. These are all important factors for us to consider while designing your website.

5. What Are Your Website’s Must-Have Features

Lastly, providing us with an idea of any must-have elements you want your website to contain is key. If you want to optimise it for selling particular products or collect contact information from visitors, let us know so we can design one according to your specific requirements.

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