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Cheeky campaign for Ballincollig Credit Union

Who said selling financial services products had to be boring? This campaign to promote our client’s new lower lending rate certainly grabbed attention with its tongue in cheek approach to switching lender. The campaign brief encompassed press advertising, promotional print, 48 sheet billboards, adshells…

Copywriting tips for big ticket sales

car image

Selling high cost products and services requires a higher level of sophistication in terms of sales strategy. Whatever elements of the marketing mix you employ, it will need to be underpinned by persuasive sales copy. Here’s some helpful pointers to structuring your approach.


Tips for dating supermodels AND email marketing!

tips for dating supermodels

Email marketing is a lot like trying to date a supermodel. Everyone wants to do it – no one knows how, so in most cases it ends in either abject failure or soul destroying disappointment. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost,…

Recent work: Naming & Brand Design for Sentinel

Sentinel Logo

This project for UK based online brand management company Sintenel involved creating not just the brand design but also developing the brand name.
Forza developed 3 unique brand name options, each with dedicated strapline copy. The chosen brand name was then evolved into a visual…

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