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A little black (font) book…

Font inspiration Direct Marketing Forza Cork

Just got a little black book through our door at Forza! this week.

It’s called the ‘Little black font book’ and it’s been inspiring us here to choose the perfect font combinations in our recent design projects.

We know that choosing a font can be a…

7 steps to a better brand identity

Learn the basics of brand design strategy with this short guide

7 steps to a better brand identity

Recent work – Celtic Ross Hotel DM

Targeting 800 classic car clubs across the UK & Ireland, this high impact direct mail campaign for The Celtic Ross Hotel got the group bookings moving and (..bad pun alert!) really “drove” sales! Personalised for each club secretary and containing specific promotions for…

Recent work: Naming & Brand Design for Sentinel

This project for UK based online brand management company Sintenel involved creating not just the brand design but also developing the brand name.
Forza developed 3 unique brand name options, each with dedicated strapline copy. The chosen brand name was then evolved into a visual…